Hello, it's me!

Hello visitor,

My name is Dennis Brouwer and this is my blog.
This blog will mainly have topics about my life, my work and Linux. Maybe some reviews about products i bought and tried. Like what you see/read? Subscribe to my posts and you will receive an e-mail when i publish a new post! :) That is cool, right?

It's me.

Currently i am 24 years old, living in Vlaardingen and working full-time as a DevOps engineer at TamTam. One of my passions in my spare time is being a DJ at a party/birthday or wedding. Next to that i am addicted to TV Series and movies. And yes : My house is full of gadgets, professional network equipment and computers, but i'm not that kind of a nerd ;)

I hope you will love the stories on my blog. Questions or want to get in touch? Send me an e-mail!

Dennis Brouwer

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